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Huset på Yttersiden (The house at the edge) is located in the small idyllic village in Ringstad in Bø on the outer points of Vesterålen. Between steep mountains, wildernes and surrounded by an beautiful archipelago ou`ll be suprised to find this beautiful and well hosted guesthouse and adventure centre. Ann Karina and Ian is known as  hospitable and generous hosts with a huge knowledge about nature, photographing and outdoor activeties. Welcome to the outside of everyday life!



The house on the outside offers lots of exiting activities. Both on the see and in the wildernes and we use all the possibileties the nature and surroundings gives us. Read more here.





The house is on the outside is beautifully situated by Ringstad in in Vesterålen, offering cozy lodging opportunities in the horizon. Check out the details of our rooms here.



Restaurant Yttersiden

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked on the freshest and finest local products.


Motorboats and kayaks

We got motor boats and kayaks for hire. Safty instructions and education will be given, so you can enjoy your fishing or kayak adventure.


Dates: 14.-15.5.2016 and 11.-12.6.2016 NOK 2500,- per person


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